Toddlers Age 1.5+

The programme for the youngest group of Invictus has been designed to nurture the innate curiosity of a child’s mind developing skills for inquiry and research.

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Discoverers Age 2.5+

At this stage kids will start developing their pre writing skills. They will learn to count, formulate sentences and discover their artistic abilities to become independent learners from this young age.

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ExplorersAge 3.5+

Learning of Explorers is guided by the 21st century skills with a concerted effort to sustain their love of learning. They will develop social and leadership skills by working collaboratively in a team.

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Inventors Age 4.5+

This group is engaged in a programme to inculcate and enrich conceptual understanding, skills and attitudes exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines.

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Play School

Our Play School Programmes cater to the emotional, social, and cognitive developmental needs of a toddler and the environment is especially designed for this purpose. The child is gently introduced to an exciting variety of structured and unstructured activities under the guidance of our experienced and highly trained practitioners.

Toddlers (Age 1.5+)

Discoverers (Age 2.5+)

Pre School

The Preschool Programmes is filled with opportunities to learn and explore for the young minds, whereby pre-existing skills and knowledge are refined and enhanced. Children develop and evolve at their own pace and readiness to learn, through the autonomy to access, define and recreate knowledge by indulging with state of the art resources and internationally acclaimed teaching practices in purposefully-designed learning environments. The teacher assesses and determines when the child has internalized a concept and is ready to engage with a new one. The progression and continuity at the different levels establish a very strong foundation for the primary years.

Explorers (Age 3.5+)

Inventors (Age 4.5+)