Our Campus

Contrary to traditional educational settings where children spend a majority of their time in a classroom, Invictus offers a refreshing transition into ten different learning stations fully furnished with state-of-the-art educational equipment. These purposefully-designed indoor and outdoor learning zones cater to learning needs of preschool children within the age bracket of 1.5 – 5.5 years. While toddlers enjoy the safety and comfort of their own huge learning area, preschoolers above 2.5 years of age are free to move into learning zones beyond their own classrooms.

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Toddlers Bay

Toddlers’ Bay beckons 1.5 to 2 .4 year olds to sail into two interconnected spacious rooms that branch out into specialized learning harbors anchored on a toddlers’ natural tendency to explore new horizons. The safe and gentle atmosphere wins the child’s trust to explore Literacy and Discovery Centre, browse the Reading Corner or investigate an age-appropriate Technology Lab all of which operate under a specially designed toddler curriculum that facilitates cognitive and language development by catering to the young learners’ need for responsive interactions and rich experiences with language—being read to, sung to, and talked with.

The Discoverers’ Den

The Discoverers’ Den entices 2 .5 to 3.4-year-olds into an exciting world of early learning where a blend of traditional and progressive approaches to education develop a stronger understanding of tasks at hand. Trained teachers introduce basic Mathematics and Literacy skills with varied materials that focus on improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well. The practice of learning by doing is at the heart of this domain where hands-on activities, group work and student-led discoveries kindles a life-long love for learning. Introduction to grace and courtesy lessons with basic self-care training at this stage promotes independence.

Explorers’ Site

The Explorers’ Site opens its gates to 3.5 to 4.4 year olds who are kept motivated by their interests. Trained staff identifies and encourages interests and passions and promotes freedom to choose tasks. This allows students with similar interests to work collaboratively and take ownership of their work.
Math skills including addition and subtraction are polished through games and activities. Children also take their first steps to string letters together to read short words and sentences. Along with English and Urdu, Arabic is also an integral part of the language curriculum. Art is integrated in all subjects areas making the learning process fun and memorable.

Play Field

This indoor temperature-controlled playground with mud pools, jumping castles, slides, ball pool, tunnel clubhouse and seesaws guarantees unlimited cheer to your children!

The Inventors’ Lab

This zone welcomes 4.5 to 5.4 year olds to a student-centered learning environment that provides not just the right writing and reading tools but also the set of skills that help young learners to read and write with growing fluency. Elements of Math are conveyed in visual and exciting ways. Children delve deeper into Language Arts and give wings to their colourful imaginations through Creative Arts like drawing, painting, role plays and clay modelling. By the time a child graduates, he is fully equipped to enter primary school.

Art Studio

Art is the window to the soul! The Art Studio gives freedom to experiment with a wide range of art and craft mediums. Painting, drawing, printmaking recycling, crafting and clay sculpting keep the preschools on their creative toes!

Technology Hub

An LCD projector, SMART boards with interactive displays and other digital devices reinforce classroom lessons for young learners living in a screen-media saturated world.

Snooze Pod

This cosy corner allows children to relax or enjoy a refreshing nap if their energies begin to flag. Occasionally, teachers read stories to give little ones a homely feel and a perfect naptime experience.

Tiny Town

Tiny town provides realistic social and urban settings where children undertake roles of doctors, nurses, firefighters, shopkeepers and many other professionals.
It is an entertaining way of introducing the outside world to children who benefit from a boost in self-confidence and problem solving skills. As children learn how they should act and what is expected of them, they feel a sense of belonging together as a community.

The Garden

School gardens are a wonderful way to use the school yard as a classroom and rewire students to the world of nature. Gardening teaches the little hands and hearts to care for the environment. It builds teamwork, focus and patience. To top it all, nature study is integrated with math, science, health and art!
A portable swimming pool in the garden offers an invigorating break from the heat in summers.
Yoga exercises build physical strength and improve mental calmness of young children whereas basketball practice further develops gross motor skills.

Tree House

Children lose themselves in a wonderful world of books and imagination in the exotic Tree House located on the school’s Green Belt. Reading and storytelling inspire love for the written and spoken words as children choose their own interesting storybooks and the fascinating characters become their new friends!

Sand Pool

The sand pool is a distinguished feature at Invictus. Built with the intent of encouraging learning with nature, playing in sand pool enhances the motor and cognitive skills of students. Besides, it’s an avenue for students to relax and unwind!